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Radiohead wouldn't exist without early major-label funding. The future won't bring new Radioheads. All I want to say...



In the wake of recent future-of-music discussions—Louis CK’s direct-ticketing move, which may indeed revolutionize touring for artists with that large of an audience, and the Emily White/All Songs Considered/David Lowery thing—I’ve been having arguments about record…

And then realize that this person must not be paying attention to all the viral-ness that the Internets has enabled and allowed people to build their networks of followers without having ridiculous levels of overhead and poor management and unbelievable licensing agreements and powering the overreaching RIAA. I’d rather pay $25 per album and know it all goes to an artist I respect for putting their art out there than $10 if even $.02 goes to RIAA and their douchebaggery.

In the end, there will always be bands. We’ll just find new ways to meet up with them and to enjoy them. Tours will still happen. People thought that cassette tapes would dry up record sales. People thought that the Internet would kill all existing bands with MP3 sales or downloads. Turns out — nope! Artists still need to create and there is (and will continue to be) a market for music and art to reach a thirsty public.